Brand ambassador recruitment  


By integrating wireless and audio technology, Cloudvocal completely redefined recording and live performance. 

Just as musicians practice to achieve perfection, we never stops practicing our art. Our goal was to add studio-grade sound quality to this compact, intuitive device. 

We seek cooperation with...

Live performers

on any type of stage


in the class room, school band or one-by-one teaching

Content Creators

on Youtube , Instagram, and other social medias

As an Audio brand based in Taiwan, we cherish each and every support from musicians all over the world. Also we are looking for musicians that are enthusiastic about supporting CLOUDVOCAL. We desire to create mutually-beneficial, give-and-take relationships where both parties are supporting one another.

In return, we will provide favors may include but not limited to: 

Are you ready ?

If you are interested in and don’t have a mutual friend who can introduce you, please put together some materials about yourself!